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Stakeholder engagement

Engagement with stakeholders and iwi is critical for our continued success and licence to operate now and into the future.

How we engage

We recognise that community and stakeholder engagement is key to earning our social licence to mine and operate in our host communities. In FY20, we prepared detailed stakeholder engagement plans at all of our sites and these are currently being implemented.

A quarterly progress review of the stakeholder engagement plans will be undertaken in FY21, and they will be updated to reflect the current status of mine activities.

Material topic

Economic performance and responsibility

Our focus is to responsibly manage the key processes within our control – financial oversight, productivity improvements and cash costs of production.

Our mining operations are in four regions in New Zealand; Waikato, Canterbury, the West Coast and Southland. We recognise that we have a responsibility to support economic development, wealth and wellbeing in these regions and more importantly in the local communities that host our mines.

Our contribution across our operations includes wages and salaries paid to employees ($65.8 million up on $56.1m last year); taxes, royalties and fees to government ($18.4m, compared with $38.2m in 2019); local procurement of goods and services including employee costs ($251m, similar to last year’s $259m); and support of local community initiatives.

We have commissioned an independent survey of the socioeconomic impacts on the West Coast, via detailed questionnaires of our workforce on their interactions with their community. Our purpose was to better understand the socio-economic drivers in our communities, and how we can have a more positive impact.

Community investment is vital

Our relationship with the communities in which we live and operate is important to the future success of our operations. We are committed to operating in a socially responsible manner.

This year our sponsorship programme included sponsorship of the following organisations:

  • Life Education Trust West Coast.
  • West Coast Search & Rescue.
  • Maramarua Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade – part funding towards a new training room.
  • Volunteer fire brigades – Westport, Coalgate.
  • Primary schools – Pukemiro, Takitimu, Glentunnel, Westport South.
  • St John Youth.
  • Rugby clubs – Buller, Ohai-Nightcaps.
  • Plunket.
  • Poutini Waiora.
  • Fostering Kids NZ.
  • Huntly Heart Kids.
  • Huntly Squash Club.
  • Buller Bay Fishing Competition.
  • Hector Community Swimming Pool.

We continue to be a major sponsor of the Life Education Trust on the West Coast. This is a mobile education classroom that travels more than 5,000 km every year in the region teaching more than 3,300 children on subjects of food and nutrition; human biology; substance abuse; relationships and community; and identity and resilience. The aim is to provide the children with the skills and knowledge to make well informed decisions – now and in the future.

Supporting the industry

We have supported innovation, best practice and professional development in the mining industry as key conference sponsors for the New Zealand Minerals Forum, and the New Zealand Branch of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

In addition, we are sponsoring the organising of the 14th Congress of the International Mine Water Association with a focus on mine water management, which has been delayed to 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.